Value Proposition

Jeevika is proud to support the Farmers & Producers of India to partner with them to maximise Profitability & Produce. Our Value Proposition is based on six key focus points.

Consumer First Approach

We understand the importance and the diverse role of Farners in an Economy, We are proud to put our Farmers at the very center of our the weilfare of them. We are Consumer First.

Advancement in Technology

Being a company with a thought for tomorrow jeevika has always kept it products at the forefront of Technology. With World Class Researcg and Innovation Jeevika is always keen to deliver more than expected.

Multicrop Expertise

Knowlegde Applied in the right place has great yeilds, Jeevika takes pride to be a knowlegde rich company and our local Team of Experts helps out in choosing the right product at the right time for the right crop.

Maximum Productivity

Using the right product at the right time for the right crop is very important. Our Team of Experts works closely with customers to make sure that every harvest has the maximum yeild Everytime. Maximum Productivity, Maximum Profits.

Business Relationship

Its not only about Money when it comes to Buisness. Growing with people around you is an important buisness ethic. Jeevika has been always open to creating new buisness relationships and maintaining the older ties. We strive hard to provide the best client servicing at all times.

Enviromental Care

The world we live in , is the most important asset to mankind. Jeevika has always been in support of Environment Protection and we work hard to have the lowest carbon footprint. Its not just our moral service to take care of the environment but we consider it as aduty of the company to do so.